1982 was a Good Year.

The year is 1982 and I’m about 2 years old. The carpet in my grandmother’s brand-new house is a beautiful golden yellow shag and there’s a pass through from the kitchen to the family room – very fancy. I just love this house. It is cozy and comfortable. 1982 is the BEST!

What do you mean it isn’t 1982? You say it’s 2020? Really??? I must have taken the Delorean and gone Back to the Future with Marty!

You can understand my confusion when I tell you where I am. I’m in our new rent house, and it is like a museum to the early 1980s. Wow!

Don’t get me wrong – I feel incredibly blessed that we were able to find a nice, clean house while we build our new home. But boy! Step into this house with me and see if it doesn’t bring back the memories.

But before I show you the 1982 gems, I feel it is necessary for us all to get in that 1982 frame of mind.

Flashback to 1982

1982 was a pivotal year in history in many, many ways. The world was certainly in a different place.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller was released in November 1982. It was an ENORMOUS big deal. Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video changed the direction of popular music and eventually made MTV a VERY POPULAR cable channel.

Ronald Reagan was the President; George Bush Sr. was the Vice President. This was the year the government forced AT&T to break up into 22 divisions, because they were ruled a monopoly. There was a lot of activity in the Middle East, and we put an embargo on Libyan oil imports. The country itself was in a recession and the recession ended toward the end of the year. The unemployment rate was 10.8 percent.

The Veterans War Memorial opened in Washington D.C. in 1982 as did EPCOT Center at Disneyworld.

I feel like I’m in the time machine from the movie Back to the Future, but the DeLorean Motor Company – the maker of the iconic gull-winged stainless-steel Back to the Future car – closed shop in 1982. Turns out the founder, John DeLorean – in an effort to save his failing company – was videotaped in a sting operation where he agreed to bankroll drug trafficking. He later was acquitted on the basis of entrapment.

Another huge event was the release of Stephen Speilburg’s movie E.T. It was a HUGE blockbuster that set records that stood for years. 1982 also was the year Time Magazine picked a non-human for its cover, The Computer – a first in its history.

So, in 1982 there were several important events that literally changed the course of history. Pop culture, clothing styles and movie blockbusters were never the same again. It was a good year in United States.

The Rent House

Now, let's get back to this rent house. It was built in 1982 and almost all the original character has been maintained. The floors, it seems, are really the only things that have been updated.

Now that we've travelled back in time, let me introduce you to some of its 1982 beauty.

First stop: the classic carved-look clamshell sink made from some sort of fake marble. The color is lovely...a nice neutral dirty brown. I am not sure what the designers in the 80s thought with this creation, but I can assume it was a style inspired by time at the beach.

Next up is the side-by-side Kenmore refrigerator. I am pretty sure a whole bunch of people in 1980s America had a Kenmore appliance in their home. It must have been a time when Sears did well as a company.

We had this exact fridge when I was a kid. You can tell by using the fridge it was built to last. The only thing that doesn't actually work is the ice machine, but everything else is perfect. I read somewhere the fridges in the 80s were the first do away with CFCs, so this fridge is also better for the environment too! Thank goodness! I remember being so worried about using too much hairspray as a kid, because it would ruin the ozone layer.

When I was a kid, my grandmother had a fireplace that was "see through." It would warm the living room and the breakfast room, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Today, I get to stare at this 1982 goodness and even get a little extra bonus from the dark wood paneling. You can’t really claim your house was built in the 1980s if you don't have any wood paneling. From the looks of this living room, if ET hid in there, I might not find him for days.

Here's the last stop on our tour. This is the shower in the master bathroom. My first thought when seeing this shower was realizing that people didn't build nice, fancy showers in the 1980s. Now I know not every house was like this, but overwhelmingly it was more common to not have a fancy bathroom back then. It was just a simpler time. Also, apparently people were much shorter back then. This shower head is right at 5 feet tall. You have to duck to actually get wet when you shower. My poor husband is 6'4" (ha ha ha).

1982 Fashion

Here are some styles that were wildly popular in 1982. Look at that jumpsuit and braided belt! You know I love fashion so I had to give this a looksee.

Shoulder pads in blouses and jackets, jumpsuits, pants suits and ruffley tops were all the rage during this time.

A lot of early 1980s styles were inspired or made popular by Princess Diana. She was a fashion icon and didn't really even try to be one. Especially in 1982. She had Prince William in 1982. The poor thing had to wear maternity clothes during a time when they were not designed for fashion, unless you wanted to look like a popcorn vendor at baseball game.