Changes on the Horizon: A Fresh Start

Everyone in the entire world changed in March 2020. To say 2020 has been easy for any of us would be a flat out lie. It's been hard for every person living on this earth at some level. For me, it's been hard because I've been running a business from home (attempting to work), homeschooling 2 elementary aged children AND our house has been on the market. I guarantee I had over 125 people walk through my house from February - May.

As anyone knows that's ever sold a house, keeping a house "show ready" is a challenge. It's even more difficult when you have three young children. It's almost impossible to do it when they're home 24/7 during a pandemic, BUT.....we did it. We showed the house, ran around like crazy people, and we sold our lovely home. The next owners will be good to it, I know it.

So....what does all this mean in my life? It means we will be building a new house on the small piece of property we bought right outside of Georgetown and my kids will go to the same school. While the house is being built, we're going to rent a house.

So...this momma of 3 will be running a business remotely from a rent house, while building another house.

It should be interesting right? I will definitely miss my outside patio and our beautiful home, but honestly, I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to things "getting back to normal" and the changes that come with moving, building and making a fresh start.

I love sitting on my beautiful porch in the afternoon. I sit out there regularly and drink wine after a long day listening to the kids fight. Shop the look: Camden Tunic by Savvi Everyday, Santori Sandals. Patio decor from Target. Shop similar lanterns here.

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