What not to do during a COVID Quarantine

We are living through a pandemic. Believe it or not, COVID is real and it is making its way across the world and hopefully we are learning better ways to fight this virus. Today's blog post isn't political, it isn't about telling you to wear a mask or anything like that. Today's blog post is about being sick with a mild case of COVID and how to survive quarantine with kids. Up until now, I hadn't given these things much thought, but now that my husband and I and our kiddos lived through the quarantine period after having what can only be described as COVID (thank you false negatives), I've learned a few things.

So today, I am going to go through what NOT to do when you are sick or in quarantine.

1. Do not decide to change your hair. Yep, this seems like a really simple tip and who does this, right? Well...when you are stuck in a room by yourself for days on end, you get bored, regardless if feel like crap. There's only so much sleeping you can do. So, on day 4, I was really really bored. I subscribe to Shipt, a home delivery service, and while lying in bed with a little too much medicine in my system...I decided I needed to update my roots.

In my head, this was a really good idea. I knew I wouldn't be able to see my hairdresser for a while and my roots were starting to look like the character Charlize Theron played in the movie Monster. I thought, "I could have the Shipt lady bring me a frosting cap and update my roots." THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.

First of all, a cap style frosting kit could not be found. So in my stuper, I suggested a frosting wand style. She happily brought this to my front door. I excitedly decided to dab it on my roots. I am not a hairdresser. I do not know how to use the wand correctly....but at the time, I was convinced I could do it, easy peasy. So here's where I ended up.

Yep, I turned my hair orange. Although some people have natural hair this color, this is not a color that is good for my skin tone...HA. So, I called the Shipt lady again and decided my only option would be to go back to my natural color for the time being. Let me explain something...I haven't been my natural color in YEARS. Thanks COVID.

2. Do not online shop. This is a tough one since you really are so bored. When you're sick, you sleep but you also just mindlessly scroll. Things that would never seem like a good idea, all the sudden look genius when you're under the influence of too much cough medicine.

These are some of the weird ads that popped up in my medicine stuper.

3. Don't let your children paint on the back porch without supervision. You see, when you're in quarantine and both you and your husband have bouts of sickness, your children get really really bored. Naturally, children talk a lot too. Combine that with cough medicine and you get to the point where you don't want to hear their voices at all. I sent mine outside to paint. It was a glorious 20 minutes of silence until I realized that the youngest one, AKA The Hurricane, decided to also paint the porch. It was a windy day so my daughter’s picture blew in the wind and landed face down on her masterpiece that she painted on the porch, which was still wet paint.

All these things aren't ordinarily that big of a deal, except in my drug stuper, I let them paint with ARCYLICS and on the porch of a house we don't own. (uh, how much is our deposit?) Next time, I will trade the 20 minutes of silence for tempera paint or watercolor. Lesson learned.

This is what The Hurricane did to the porch. When I was well, I finally got all the paint off with a high powered pressure washer and cleanser.

4. Don't eat the goodies your friends deliver. When mom and dad are sick, your friends naturally know how hard that is on you and the kids, and they start bringing yummy goodies. That's what good friends are for, right? Mine did just that and although I was grateful, my mid-section doesn't need any more calories. I've already had too much COVID weight gain this year, but some of the things my friends brought were too good to resist. Even if my sense of taste was shot, I knew in my head those goodies were good. Take it from me though, Don't Do It. Sitting around in quarantine for 10 days AND eating goodies added 2 pounds to my scale. Ugh.

5. Don't watch political tv or decide to rearrange furniture while dealing with COVID. Again, you get really bored and if you have mild cases like we did there are times of the day you really do feel like you just have a cold. Heck, one of the days of my illness I would've totally popped Sudafed and Tylenol and gone to the office in my old life. So you get bursts of energy and decide to watch television and see what's going on in the world. Or you decide the couch would look better on a different wall.

Take it from me, don't do it. Anything (politics or moving furniture) that gets your heart rate up will make you lose your breath, and you'll regret it. COVID takes a toll in a weird way. The biggest difference is what it does to your breathing patterns. Even all these days later, my husband still has been doing breathing treatments here and there. It's a virus that does a number on your lungs. So just stay away from anything that will increase your heart rate or'll regret it in the end.

So there you have it. My top 5 tips for dealing with COVID and Quarantine and Kids. I hope you jot these down and learn from my mistakes. Or better yet, stay well and don't catch it at all.

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