2024 Summer Shoe Recommendations

Written by Janell McPhail


Posted on May 17 2024

The time has finally arrived to announce the shoe trends we are seeing in the market for the 2024 Summer Season.

We know Summer doesn't officially kick off until the end of June, but if you live in the southern regions of the US, you are feeling summer BIG TIME.

When ladies come to the store to shop for the vacation and summer attire, I do not find that they have too many issues with finding shoes. What I do find is all too often ladies pair Summer outfits with flip flops.

Now,  don't get me wrong, we love a great flip flop over here at Sweet Elaine Boutique, but if you want to have style, you have to get out of the flip flop routine, especially in these hot days ahead. This is why we are writing this blog about the 2024 Summer Shoe Recommendations.

There are two reasons I encourage ladies to branch out of flip flops. 1) Flip flops can often make an outfit look frumpy because it provides no height. Frankly, some outfits need height to create the balance necessary to finish an outfit. 2) Flip flops, although an amazing staple, can really limit a style to a shirt and shorts basic look. You can add so much pizzazz to even your best basics just by upgrading your flip flops to an amazing sandal or even a dressier flip flop.

For years, we've heard customers tell us about their love of flip flops so we have been determined to make a list of Summer Shoes that we recommend.

Here are the best Summer Shoes we've found so far this season. These shoe recommendations come with our stamp of approval for price and quality AND more importantly, comfort.

Our favorite wedges

1. Steve Madden Espadrille Wedge

Shop Dana's Look: Tabitha Wide Leg Cropped Pants, Juliana Spring Sweater, Steve Madden Espadrille Wedge


The Steve Madden Espadrille Wedge. These shoes go with EVERYTHING. The color is perfect and neutral to pair with all your bright summer attire. They also are extremely comfortable and easy to put on.


2. Kelly & Katie Wesley Espadrille Wedge Sandal


Shop Janell's look: The Marissa dress, Espadrille Wedge, Tahiti Straw Bag


The Kelly & Katie Wesley Espadrille Wedge Sandal. I cannot stress to you enough how comfortable these shoes are. Even though the wedge is "higher" there is so much comfort in the step you don't even notice. These shoes also come in other colors - green, pink and yellow too! So grab yourself a pair and feel the love of summer.


3.  London Rag Augie Wedge Sandal 



The London Rag Augie Wedge Sandal If you have followed the store, you know how much I love to recoomend a good gold wedge shoe for the summer. It instantly elevates a look that you didn't know you even needed. You will LOVE these sandals, and yes, they are comfy too.


4.  BZees-Bali Wedge Sandal

Shop Tiffany's look: Charlotte Yellow Wide Leg Pants, Black Knit Tank, Staycation Bag and BZees-Bali Wedge Sandal


The BZees-Bali Wedge Sandal. I am not sure if these shoes are considered wedges or not, but man are they some of the most comfortable things ever. They are squishy when you walk, and the straps are elastic so they are easy to get on. They're just slight wedges so it gives a little bit of height but a whole lot of style.


5. Italian Shoemakers Rayla Wedge Sandals



Shop Carly's look: Umgee Tessa blouse, Janet Linen Khaki Shorts, Circle Belt, Vintage Gold Leos, Hexagon Sunglasses and Tahiti Straw Bag.


Italian Shoemakers Rayla Wedge Sandals. These almost wedges, but really sandals are beautifully constructed. They add the prettiest sheen and texture to any outfit. The shade of brown also happens to be perfect to go with so many colors that are in the cognac family. We've learned through the years, this shade of brown can be hard to find! So, here you are ladies...hopefully this is a great find for you as well.


6. Marc Fisher Kalisha Wedge Sandal



The Marc Fisher Kalisha Wedge SandalEvery once in a while, you have to have a fancy, kinda wild and crazy shoe in your seasonal shoe collection. These summer wedges are just that! They're bright and fun and a must have for the hottest, fun days.


Our favorite barefoot sandals

7. Italian Shoemakers Camy Sandal



The Italian Shoemakers Camy Sandal. We love these shoes because they add a pop of color to any outfit. The gold hardware between the toes adds a nice sophisticated element too.


8. Italian Shoemakers Chantal Sandal

Shop Dana's Look: Mattie Denim Skirt, Summer Textured Knit Top, Donut Gold Hoop Earrings and Chantal Sandals.


The Italian Shoemakers Chantal Sandal. It's the stitching detail on these that makes us happy. The contrast is striking and it finishes off any beautiful style. Like the previous pair, the gold hardware really makes the sandals look beautiful.


Our favorite Flip Flip

9. Kelly & Katie Briar Sandal


Shop Janell's look: Tessa Gingham Flutter Sleeve Top, Janet Linen Shorts, Hazel Tote, Circle Leather Belt, and Yellow Flower Stud Earrings.


The Kelly & Katie Briar Sandal. If you need a great recommendation for a flip flop that is somewhat dressy, this shoe is fantastic. These are comfortable and they have a slightly dressy feel to them as well. Last bonus, they come in brown, black, off white,  green, navy, rose pink (floral), and GOLD.


So there you have it ladies! These are our favorites this season. We hope this helps you finish your style and get you out of your flip flop loving rut!





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