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Sneaker Fashion: 2024 Style

Written by Janell McPhail


Posted on January 23 2024

You may or may not know this about me, but I love shoes-- and *almost* as much as I love clothes. I'm constantly on the lookout for new styles and additions to my ever-growing assortment.

Interestingly, there was a point when we introduced shoes into the boutique. However, the reality was that shoes demanded more space than we were willing to sacrifice, space that we deemed better suited for expanding our range of clothing styles. Despite not featuring shoes in-store, I've managed to stay attuned to the ever-evolving shoe trends. Each season, I make it a point to acquire a few new styles to complement the outfits showcased in our launches.

Welcome to today's exploration on the Sweetlife blog, where we're delving into a trend that has been catching my eye for quite some time, although I've yet to fully embrace it-- although I am getting there. It's a phenomenon that's hard to ignore – the increasing trend among young women to pair sneakers with virtually any outfit. Whether it's church dresses, casual work suits, jeans, shorts, or even more formal attire, sneakers have become a versatile and stylish choice.

Over the last five years, this trend has taken root, reshaping fashion norms and encouraging a fusion of comfort and chic style. Post COVID fashion world has found unique ways to combine comfortable with traditional styles. This is why, in my opinion, we are seeing even more fashion shoes being developed and marketed by the major fashion shoe brands.

In this blog, we will explore four types of shoes that complete an outfit with sneakers. I bought all four of these shoes this season and I am in love. In this blog, we will explore the unique characteristics of these fashion-forward shoes that have become synonymous with style. Nike Blaze and Adidas Court, with their roots deeply embedded in athletic heritage, showcase a commitment to performance and innovation. Meanwhile, Nike Waffle Sneakers pay homage to the brand's pioneering spirit, tracing back to the early days of waffle iron experimentation. On the other hand, Golden Goose All Stars effortlessly blend Italian craftsmanship with urban aesthetics.

It should be noted, all of these shoes were purchased by me for the sake of styling. I do not earn commissions from any of these brands nor am I paid to endorse any of these shoes or brands.

Nike Waffle Debut


Nike Waffle Debut


First up, we will explore the Nike Waffle Debut. Now, this shoe started as a running shoe way back in 1974 when it was first developed, but we're not writing a blog about running shoes. I do not run, nor will I ever be a runner. I am a stylist, so I look at sneakers differently than an athlete would. The Nike Waffle shoe released this season has the coolest retro feel, right down to the foam design details on the tongue of the shoe.

This season, this shoe comes in a variety of colors, but the vintage styles come in well, more vintage colors. I am in love with the purple-ish color of these shoes as they go so well with many athleisure looks we have in the store AND that I have in my closet. The coolest thing about these shoes? They have this pull tab at the heel making them incredibly easy to get on and off.  These shoes are a must have. Reasonably priced, well made and very comfortable. 


Nike Blazer Low



Now, let's talk about another iconic style from Nike. My kids will not stop talking about Nike Dunks and Jordan 1s, but I wanted to find a throwback look this season, with a twist. Enter the Nike Blazer Low Jumbo. This style I found this season has an extra large Nike swoosh, making the shoe look different than the everyday. I love a shoe that has a little "extra" style. These shoes are all leather with a cool stitch detail at the toe.

They were originally introduced as a basketball shoe, but again....I don't play basketball. So I will wear my Blazers and look cute with my "mom outfits". Oh, that was the coolest part of getting these shoes. My Nike obsessed children told me my shoes were "Dope. Bruh." These shoes are more narrow in nature, comfortable but not as comfortable as the Nike Waffle, but much, much more style. I chose the all black color to be opposite in style than the other two white shoe options I currently have.


Golden Goose All Star



Now let's talk about a shoe you may or may not know about. I've known about Golden Goose shoes for a long time because I am in the boutique business. They came on the fashion scene in early 2000s but started to become seen on more than just celebrities around 2017.

Golden Goose is a luxury shoe brand made in Italy and they are known for their distressed and worn-in appearance, as well as the combination of Italian craftsmanship and urban aesthetics, Golden Goose shoes have become a staple in the wardrobes of fashion enthusiasts. I personally got a pair, even as expensive as they are, because I wanted to understand the hype. 

I am going to speak nothing but the truth about these shoes. The Golden Goose shoes are comfortable and they do look cute with almost anything. The insert inside the shoe is somewhat elevated making the fit overall different than other shoes I own. It's not a platform, but there is a little bit of height to make the fit "fancier". The idea the shoes are already worn in and dirty does take getting used to. PLUS, I find myself having to explain to people the shoes aren't dirty but instead that's how they came on purpose. (HA!) Having said all of that, I am really not sure they are worth the luxury price ($500+). Perhaps I have owned too many "normal pairs" of sneakers to truly appreciate the premium leather craftsmanship, but I can honestly say the next shoe I will review is relatively just as cute for a WHOLE lot cheaper.


Adidas Grand Court


Adidas Grand Court


The final shoe I have added to my shoe closet this year is called the Adidas Grand Court. These sneakers give me major 90s vibes and I like it. My husband actually owns these shoes and I admire him as he's wearing them in his joggers and pullovers. I decided I'd grab a pair to wear to baseball and softball, but he suggested if I do that, I should go retro and do the "shell" at the toe. Long story short, I couldn't do it. I couldn't go that retro, so instead I dipped my toe in and got some Adidas sneakers like his. I love that these go with just about anything, just like the Golden Goose shoes. They are also very comfortable, even more comfortable than the Nike Blazers and the Golden Goose because they have some sort of cloud insert. I'm here for it! The shoelaces can be changed out to add additional style and looks and I will be investing in some additional colors to coordinate with my wardrobe. Now having said all of that, my kids don't give me the same "cool mom" points for these shoes as they do the Nikes. This is why I own all four pair!

So there you go! These four pair of sneakers will be on full rotation this season. For all my athleisure looks, my mom looks and my comfortable looks, you will see me in these shoes. I love how they each have a vintage quality to them, but what decade each plays homage too is different. The depth of the history in these shoes is really what makes the outfit finished. It's that depth that creates interest and the added style you'll need too.  


Here is how i styled all these shoes for your inspiration:


Outfit pictured: Lexie Jogging Pants, Maddie Cropped Cargo Vest, Seamless tank.


Nike Blazers Low

Outfit Pictured: Hot Pink Leggings, Denim Puffer Vest, Come Together Graphic Tee


Golden Goose All Star

Outfit Pictured: Amelia Denim Jacket, Love you a Latte Graphic Tee, Meg Cropped Black Jeans

Outfit Pictured: Julia Denim Jacket, Clara Straight Leg Jeans, High Neck Black Tank and Hammered Asters




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