The Essential Undergarment Items You Need in 2024

Written by Janell McPhail


Posted on March 05 2024

As the weather warms up and nature begins making everything beautiful, signaling the arrival of Spring, it's time to embrace the change by dusting off those beautiful dresses we love to wear so much. Today, I am giving you the top 5 essential undergarments you need in 2024.

Spring dresses, often adorned in lighter hues and crafted from delicate, lightweight fabrics, become a staple as we transition into the Spring season. With dresses showing more skin as the weather warms, it's essential to find the perfect undergarments to complement and support our outfits flawlessly. 

The right undergarments can enhance the fit and appearance of clothing, ensuring a smooth and polished silhouette. A dress will lay better with a proper slip and the right kind of bra will make or break a dress. 

If you've followed the store long enough, you know how I am a true believer in slips. Maybe it's because I am Southern, maybe it's because I am a mom, but I believe slips and the right undergarments are more important than even your favorite accessory.

Here's what you don't want to do ladies (see below)...Princess Diana made a huge faux pa in the 80s in this picture. As such, it is always in the back of my mind when getting ready with my favorite Spring dresses.

Even as much of a fashion icon as Princess Diana was, she still made mistakes that are easily avoided with the right undergarments. 

Dressing Mistakes Dressing Mistakes Dressing Mistakes Dressing Mistakes 

Don't make the mistakes like these ladies above. Wearing the correct undergarments matters!


So here we go! Here are the top items needed in any woman's clothing arsenal for your undergarments this Spring.


1. Full Slip. There are a few different types of slips, but the most versatile is a full slip. It is literally a dress in the same skin tone as your own skin and kinda feels like a fitted nightgown. These come in different color tones depending on your skin color so keep that in mind. A full slip is easily worn with a nice dress or a dress that needs extra coverage at the top AND at the bottom.

The best full slips are simple and have adjustable straps at the shoulder. The smoother the material, the smoother the dress will lay at your tushie or boob area.

Full Slip by Jockey from Target

Carly is wearing a full slip underneath the Jessica dress here from the store. The dress is made of rayon and is thinner and more breathable. These are all amazing things, BUT it also means it shows more lines and bumps. A full slip fixes that easily and beautifully. Our favorite full slip is from Jockey and you can find it at Target.


Full Slip by Jockey from Target

This full slip from Jockey is so easy to wear and simple. The fabric is the perfect weight to not add any heat and only smoothness so your front and your backside look perfect. If you happen to need a slip with more plus size options, click here for a great one. 


2. A half slip. Sometimes a full slip is too much coverage and you really just need more coverage at the tush (so the dress doesn't go into the dreaded tushie valley). In this case, a half slip is a great option. Half slips come in different lengths, but I find a basic 18" slip works for almost everything. If I happen to need it shorter, I can roll it slightly at the top and make adjustments. Any longer doesn't really matter because all the parts are covered, but you can find slips that are longer if you want one for a maxi dress or something.

I prefer half slips in white or nude, but they also come in darker colors for darker skin tones and black.


Half Slip by Jockey available at Target

This half slip from Jockey is incredibly handy to have in your dresser, especially when you have a skirt or a dress that just "sticks".


3. Slip Shorts. Alright, so you think I am insane and so old fashioned that I am talking about half slips and full slips....I get it. The younger generation can often feel that way. So here's our compromise. Nowadays, companies make something called slip shorts.

This are exactly what you think, where the fabric is soft enough to help with the drape, but they are not going to add any fabric to the light area between the thighs (see Princess Diana's picture above). Having said that, you will still get the backside benefit and if you have little ones running around, you won't have to worry about your skivvies showing if they run through your skirt in a public place. (Oh the joys of 3 and 4 year olds.) These slip shorts are not designed to be Spanx-like. You can wear them as shapewear if you'd like, but really it's just a way to add more coverage to the bootay. 


Slip Shorts available at Target

These slip shorts from Jockey are so simple and easy to wear under dresses and skirts. It's a nice compromise for those ladies who think traditional slips are ludicrous.


4. A cami. Yep, you need cami's in your life and sometimes you need them to be smooth and super soft to help dresses and beautiful blouses lay better on your body. I recommend camis in nude (or your preferred skin color choice), white and black. I also recommend the kind that are made of a jersey material and the kind like what is pictured below that has a smoother texture to the fabric.

Sometimes a full slip doesn't work and you might need a cami and a half slip. OR, sometimes you just need a cami. Either way, it is something you want to have on hand to make the most out of your wardrobe.

Camisole by Jockey available at Target

Cami and Half Slip combo by Jockey available at Target

This cami from Jockey is smooth and does the job beautifully to wear under nice blouses or button down dresses. 

5. A convertible bra. Alrighty, so bras are super difficult and we have a blog regarding bras it's so complicated (read it here). BUT, when it comes to strapless bras I have never found one that is amazing. In 44 years, and a gazillion dresses, they're just not that comfortable. However, a good strapless bra is necessary. Take it a step further and go ahead and get a convertible bra so you can have a bra that does multiple things.

This bra pictured will adjust to be a halter, or a cross back or a strapless, making it a necessary item as the dresses show more skin in Spring and Summer. If you happen to have a cup size that's not available in store, do yourself a favor and find a good bra fitter in your area and find a convertible bra in your size. You will be so glad so you can wear the cutest dresses during the seasons.


Convertible Bra by Maidenform available at Target

This convertible bra by Maidenform is nice and smooth to not interfere with any fabric you choose for a dress, and the straps will turn into a halter or criss cross in the back to hide properly for a tank dress. There are a TON more specialty bras out there, but we are just talking essentials today.


So there you have it ladies! Those are the top 5 essential undergarments you need to wear all the pretties this season. Now, I know, some of "the girls" do not work in these items, so please find a specialty foundation store in your area and get something similar that works best for your body and body shape!

Oh and one more're probably wondering what you will do with the potential for extra static electricity with adding this type of smooth fabric under a dress. It's a real problem to have, especially if you live in a dry climate.

Hairspray in a pinch works beautifully, or if you're shopping at Target, grab a bottle of static cling. It is one of the best inventions ever!

Static Guard, remove static electricity from your dresses









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    Thank you for this undergarment post…very helpful info!

    Posted by Pam | March 25, 2024
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    I thought I was the only person to still have a slip! So glad you posted this!!

    Posted by Brandi | March 05, 2024
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    Love this post! Another favorite of mine besides Statuc Guard is Wrinkle Spray- a best friend to keep in your closet or laundry room – a few sprays and you walk out the door without that huge wrinkle where you don’t want it and it smells good too!

    Posted by Carolyn | March 05, 2024
  • Comment author

    Huge believer in slips since I met you!! Definitely added some slip shorts to my wardrobe and they’re a game changer for chasing toddlers and bending down in dresses! 🙌🏼

    Posted by Carly Chavez | March 05, 2024
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