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The Search for the Best Sweetlifer - Contest Extended to Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Are you someone who loves being a Sweetlifer? Do you love shopping at Sweet Elaine Boutique and being part of the Sweetlife Community? We’re LOOKING for YOU!

Starting April 23rd through May 7th (originally April 30th, but we extended the contest), we are encouraging all Sweetlifers to share your love of Sweet Elaine Boutique to the online world. Upon sharing, you WILL be rewarded. Where you share depends on the amount of the reward, but the points will add up and be converted in your VIP Rewards account*. There, you can use them as discounts toward future purchases.

Whoever earns the most points during the contest period, will also earn a $150 gift card to the store for all their hard work. Second place will earn a $100 gift card and third place will earn a $75 gift card to the store.

Are you ready? Let’s show you the details.


Contest Rules: Contest runs from Tuesday, April 23 through Tuesday, May 7th (originally April 30th, but we extended the contest). Original posts on social media can be on any platform, but only once per day, per platform. The store, Sweet Elaine Boutique, MUST be tagged in the posts to get credit. ( or

Participants MUST have a VIP Reward account activated with Sweet Elaine Boutique in order to earn points. Points will be added manually and be complete on May 9, 2024. To sign up for a Rewards Account, click here.

Sharing a blog post does NOT count toward your daily posting points. It is a way to earn additional points in the contest period per day.

Posting a picture or a question in the VIP group only can be done once per day.

As an example, you can post on Instagram and Facebook once per day. Each platform post will earn 500 points each per day for a total of 1,000 points for those two posts. If you also choose to post a video to your IG stories, you can earn an additional 5,000 points on the same day. You can share a blog post on your own FB page (100 points) and then also share a reel (100 points). Each of those five actions can happen each day of the contest period for a total of 6,200 points earned. The content MUST have the store tagged in order to get credit.

* Sign up for a Sweet Elaine Boutique VIP Rewards account here.

** Posting a story on Instagram should include video and be creative. The store MUST be tagged in the story to get credit.

***Inviting friends to the VIP group is a great way to earn points, but the only way the invite counts is if the friend accepts the group invitation. Having the friend fill out the questions and answering “How did you hear about Sweet Elaine Boutique” by putting your name is an easy way to ensure you get credit.


Here are the links to all the pages on the internet active for the boutique:

Sweet Elaine Boutique PUBLIC Facebook page

Sweet Elaine Boutique on Instagram

Sweet Elaine Boutique VIP Facebook Group

Sweet Elaine Boutique on Tik Tok

Sweet Elaine Boutique on Pinterest

Sweet Elaine Boutique on YouTube