Stepping into Fall 2023: The Hottest Boot Trends

Written by Janell McPhail


Posted on September 29 2023

As the autumn leaves fall and temperatures begin to dip, it's time to revamp your shoe game and step into style for Fall 2023. Each Fall, we research new trends and styles to bring the latest and best to Sweet Elaine Boutique and its Sweetlifers.

Boots are the quintessential footwear choice for the Fall season, and this 2023 year, we're seeing a delightful mix of classic favorites and trendy newcomers. From slightly slouchy boots to classic Chelsea styles, Fall 2023 offers an exciting array of boot trends to elevate your autumn fashion. In this blog post, we'll delve into these trends, showcasing how they pair perfectly with your favorite jeans and dresses in both style examples and some features of styles from the store.

Slightly Slouchy Boots:

- Explore the chic and relaxed charm of slightly slouchy boots.

- Discover how these boots can effortlessly elevate your casual and dressy outfits.

Silent D Erena Boots from Anthropologie
These Anthropologie boots are more visually appealing than you can fathom. Enhance your fashion and develop a genuine affection for Fall with this new slightly slouchy design. I bought a pair for myself and they'll be in soon.


    Mid-Shaft Height Boots with Jeans and Dresses:

    - Explore the versatile mid-shaft height boots and how they pair seamlessly with both jeans and dresses.

    - Learn tips and styling ideas to make the most of this trendy boot style on our Instagram or Facebook page.

    Mid Shaft boots from Free PeopleBoots with wide leg jeansMid Shaft Boots with Jeans

    Steve Madden Mid Shaft Boots with Preppy Plaid Skirt

    I bought these boots this Fall 2023 from Macy's. They're from Steve Madden and a suede. I really like the height of the shaft and the heel. The style is off the charts too. Here are the links to buy this outfit at Sweet Elaine Boutique. Skirt, Sweater, Purse and Earrings.

    Riding Boots:

    - Dive into the timeless appeal of riding boots.

    - Find out how riding boots can add a touch of equestrian elegance to your fall wardrobe by following us on our socials.

    Riding boots with rugged style

      Classic Knee Boots:

      - Celebrate the enduring popularity of classic knee boots.

      - Discover why these boots are a must-have for every autumn fashion enthusiast.

      Classic knee high boots

        Classic Chelsea/Doc Martin Style Boots:

        - Explore the enduring style and versatility of Chelsea and Doc Martin-inspired boots.

        - Learn how to incorporate these classics into your modern outfits.

        Classic Chelsea Boots

          Classic Booties with Jeans and Dresses:

          - Explore the enduring charm of classic booties.

          - See how these versatile shoes can seamlessly transition from day to night with jeans or dresses.

          Boots with dresses
          Monica Tiered Maxi Dress by Umgee
          This dress is a classic look this Fall 2023. Bonus- it's not hot for a Southern Fall, aka Hotumn. Score the dress here and the earrings here.

            Slightly "Less" Cowboy Boots:

            - Take a closer look at the updated, less overtly cowboy-inspired boots.

            - Discover how this subtle twist on a classic style can add a hint of western flair to your fall ensembles.

            Slightly Less Western Boots

              Fall 2023's boot trends offer a diverse range of styles, from the relaxed slouchiness to the enduring appeal of classics like knee boots and Chelsea styles. Whether you're leaning towards a more casual look with mid-shaft boots or embracing the timeless elegance of riding boots, this season's offerings provide endless opportunities to express your unique style. So, prepare to step confidently into fall, embracing these exciting boot trends that are sure to turn heads and keep you fashionably cozy.

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